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  • Where do portrait sessions take place?
    Maternity and/or Family sessions take place at different outdoor locations. We'll meet, chat a bit, and I'll take a look around to find the best lighting at our location during the time of our shoot! Then, it's a playdate! I'm not above putting a silly stuffed animal on my head to elicit a genuine laugh or blowing bubbles to help the children relax and forget about the picture-taking part of the day! Parents needn't feel pressure to get the children to sit still and smile on command for the "perfect" photo. While I love the "everyone looking at the camera picture" (and I do aim to get a couple of these), I love taking photographs that capture your true family dynamic in unposed, playful, and loving scenes.
  • Where do newborn sessions take place?
    Newborn sessions take place in clients' homes or in my natural light home studio with white walls and minimal props. Be aware there is a travel fee associated with any session not occuring in my home studio. I bring all props, newborn backdrops, headbands, hats, etc to your home for individual images of baby. I do use your living room, master bedroom, and/or nursery for the family portion of the session and the images will be more lifestyle in nature.
  • How long are sessions?
    Maternity – approximately one hour or less Newborn – approximately 2-3 hours Family – approximately one hour or less Children anywhere from 30-45 minutes depending on session and age Please know there is no real “timer” on our sessions, the above is an estimate and sessions may take less or more time.
  • Can my family be included in the session?
    Family Session: Ummm yes, I'd sure hope so! :) Immediate Family. If you'd like to include grandpa, grandma, aunts, uncles. Let me know and we can discuss pricing further. Maternity Session: Yes, Again! Immediate family is always welcome! But, just like above if you'd like to add anyone just let me know! :) Newborn Session: Yes!! Immediate family members (mom, dad, and sibilings) 1st Birthday Session/Milestone: This one is for BABY ONLY. If you'd like to add family just let me know and we can discuss pricing.
  • How do I reserve a session?
    You can fill out the form in my contact tab here on my website, it's the best way to get the quickest response. 50% of total investment is due at the time of booking and guarantees the date and time is reserved for your session. This fee is non-refundable but it is transferable if 24-hour notice is given. In the event of unpleasant weather, the session will be rescheduled to the next available date most convenient to the client and myself.
  • Do you have a Client Wardrobe?
    Yes, I have gowns available at no cost to you for both maternity and newborn sessions. You can check out the Momma Client Wardrobe by clicking the link. Please look at the gallery using a desktop computer so you can see the size of each dress listed in the file name below each dress. You will not be able to see the size of each dress on your phone. I also have clothing for 1-year-old boys and girls (usually for cake smash sessions.)
  • Do you have props and clothing/wraps for newborns?
    Yes, I have quite a few wraps/outfits/bonnets/headbands etc for your new babe! You really do not need to bring anything. For special requests, please let me know ahead of time.
  • What products do you provide?
    No prints or products are included with sessions at this time however, I have connected a professional lab to your gallery so you can order prints directly from the gallery and they will on your doorstep in days! This lab, most closely prints to the colors intended in my edits and I only recommend you print from this lab.
  • How many pictures do I get?
    This depends on the package you purchased please see each specific page here on my website for more information.
  • How long does it take to see my photos?
    I ususally post a sneak peek within 1 week and you'll have your pictures back within 2 weeks.
  • Can I have the raw/original images?
    No, I do not give raw/original images.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Outdoor sessions - yes, but I can not guarantee your dog will behave, so this is at your discretion. Newborn sessions- yes, but the pup will only be in the house long enough to get the couple images we need. You'll need to bring a kennel that can be placed in my backyard until the session is over.
  • Can I order my images later?
    Yes you can. The gallery is only active for 1 week after gallery delivery, however I store images on backups up to 1 year after the session. Remember: technology is finicky stometimes so I recommend buying all images you love. You just can't get these memories back.


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